This is the first message in a series of “Denver Firsts” messages, wherein we highlight the many elements of the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Denver May 1-5 that we believe to be innovations in the ARLIS conference experience! Caveat: we have not done historical research in the archives, so this represents our collective memory only!Denver First:

Complimentary breakfast at the membership meeting:
With signing up for lunch or dinner no longer an extra step, ARLIS/NA members can eat and meet at the same time! We hope this Denver First will result in increased attendance at the Membership Meeting!

*This posting on behalf of the Denver co-chairs (Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel for Local Arrangements and Jeanne Brown and Mary Graham for Program) and the entire Conference Planning Advisory Committee whose brainstorms resulted in many of the approaches we are calling Denver Firsts!