Hello ARLIS Architecture Section Members,

Recently, Martin Aurand, President of AASL, contacted me about a significant issue for discussion at the Denver meeting or the ARLIS/NA Architecture Section.  New NAAB accreditation standards that will apply to architecture libraries are being considered.  Martin has put together a task force to study the issue, chaired by Susan Lewis of the Boston Architectural College, but it will not have a report generated by the time we meet.  In order to have a fruitful conversation, I was hoping that you might take a bit of time to familiarize yourselves with passages from key NAAB documents.  These passages can be found at the NAAB site: http://www.naab.org/accreditation/

1.) 2004 NAAB Conditions for Accreditation Report, Section 3.8 “Physical Resources” and Section 3.9 “Information Resources” are most pertinent, as are Appendices B and C.

2.) 2008 NAAB Procedures for Accreditation Report Section 6.5, Appendix H For the documents below, see: http://www.naab.org/documents/home_origin.aspx?path=Public+Documents%5cAccreditation%5cWinter+2008+Task+Group+Reports

3.) NAAB REPORT OF EVOLVING CONDITIONS AND SPC TASK GROUP See section 3.9 Information Resources; this group indicated the following: “CONDITIONS REVISIONS Evolving Conditions and SPC Task Group — 02.14.08 3.9 Information Resources (WM) It may be time to reassess what we mean by information resources, and the expectation of what appropriate resources are for programs today. What does 5000 NA volumes mean today? I also think that this section should be assessed by the architectural librarians and edited as appropriate. I question doing a mini-APR (Architecture Program Report) for the library. (ACSA’s ’07 Survey) • Our librarians work hard on this part. • This is the lifeline to the future • Libraries becoming less relevant”

4.) REPORT OF TRENDS IN EDUCATION TASK GROUP (Indicates new directions in architectural education.) 5.) REPORT OF THE INTERNATIONAL/ GLOBAL TASK GROUP Again, see Sections 3.8 and 3.9 An final agenda for the Architecture Section Meeting will be forthcoming.

Thank you!

Alan Michelson
Moderator, Architecture Section 2008
Generalissimo, Architecture and Urban Planning Library
University of Washington
Box 355730
Seattle, WA 98195-5730
tel: 206.543.7091