Stop by the auction donation gallery at and check out the latest donations:

Do you want to contribute to the auction, but think you’ve missed the deadline? Think again, since we have extended the deadline for filling out the online donation form to APRIL 28. Our auction web page will soon be updated to reflect the new deadlines. In the meantime, here are the steps to follow:

  • Fill out the online donation form by April 28. Be sure to make at least 2 copies for yourself. Donattion form:
  • Email images of your donations to Nina Stephenson ( by April 28. Include “ARLIS/NA auction” in the subject line and the title of your donation in the email message.
  • Deliver your donation(s) and copy (copies) of the donation form in person to the ARLIS/NA Registration Desk before 5 p.m. Friday, May 2nd. OR
  • Ship your donation(s) and copy (copies) of the donation form to Leslie Trumble (address follows) to arrive no later than MONDAY APRIL 28. Leslie’s address is:

Leslie Trumble, Director Visual Media Center
School of Art and Art History
University of Denver
2121 E. Asbury Ave.
Denver, CO 80208

Questions? Contact Nancy Pistorius, or 505-277-7600. Thanks everyone!

Nina Stephenson, on behalf of Silent Auction Committee