Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that I will be serving as this year’s conference proceedings editor. I will be gathering papers, presentations, virtual posters, and/or minutes from all sessions, workshops, and meetings for the conference. As last year, this year’s proceedings will be entirely web-based and accessible on the ARLIS/NA website, therefore full-text and PowerPoint presentations of sessions and workshops are preferable formats. If you will be moderating a session and are confident that your speakers will be able to provide electronic copies of their remarks, you do not need to appoint a recorder for the session. If, however, you cannot be sure that your speakers will have electronic versions of their presentations, please do appoint a recorder. We hope to document as much content of the conference as possible.

Since some of you might be including copyrighted images in your presentations, please note that you will need to secure permission from the vendor/creator prior to publishing them in the proceedings. All authors publishing full presentations in any format will be asked to sign the Publication Agreement on the ARLIS/NA website (

Conference proceedings materials should be sent to me electronically at The deadline is June 12, 2008.

See you soon in Denver!

Betsy Peck Learned