Hello Architecture Section members, We will meet on Saturday May 3, 2008 in the Conference Center. An agenda is attached and appended below. Please send me last minute agenda items if you have them. If anyone would like to nominate themselves or someone else to become Vice-Moderator, please let me know. We also will need a Recorder to transcribe our pearls for future generations. Please someone volunteer. I am begging you.

ARLIS/NA Annual Architecture Section Meeting May 3, 2008, 5:00-6:00 PM

Section I. Section Business (15 minutes)

A. New Business/Announcements; (10 minutes)

a. AASL Conference Summary (Janine Henri, UCLA)

b. Miscellaneous Announcements B. Election of the new Vice-Moderator; any volunteers? (5 minutes)

Section II. “Slam” (15 minutes) The Slam is meant to be a structured forum in which section members can briefly outline research or publication efforts for section members. Please send Slam info to Patti Cossard pcossard@umd.edu

A. Slam participants are self-identified pre-conference (in our case research project announcements)

B. Prior to conference, slam participants asked to:

a. Provide one paragraph describing project and what type of collaboration is sought

b. Provide one powerpoint slide representative of project

c. Prepare one minute maximum oral presentation of project and call for collaboration; one-minute limit will be rigidly enforced with a gong

Section III. New National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) Standards for Architecture Libraries (15-20 minutes)

A. Janine Henri will discuss the previous NAAB Accreditation process

B. Susan Lewis or another member of the AASL-ARLIS/NA NAAB Accreditation Task Force in attendance will discuss its activities

C. Discussion

Alan Michelson