ARLIS/NA Communications & Publications Committee
Business Meeting
Saturday, May 3, 2008 12:30 – 2:00 pm
Denver Grand Hyatt – Mt. Wilson


1. Welcome and introductions

2. Old Business:

A. Approval of 2007 Annual Business Meeting minutes

B. 2007 Annual Report review:

1. Chair’s report (R. Lawson)
Co-Publishing agreements
Policy Manual Section R, including revised Author’s agreement (PM R12)
Art Documentation peer review survey

2. Editors’ reports (J. Dyki, E. Markson, J. Stahl, K. Binkowski)

3. At-large members’ reports (J. Franklin, M. Ruddy, L. Viverette)

4. EB Liaison’s Report (S. Koskinen)

1:00-1:10 Break

3. New Business:

A. Thanks to outgoing EB liaison S. Koskinen; welcome new liaison B. Rominski

B. Report on VRA’s MemberClicks implementation (R. Lawson)

C. Annual report proposal (R. Lawson)

D. Discussion of issues for Executive Board and recommendations/action items:

1. Online resources:
o AWS: Art Documentation backfile in PDF

Server hosting
News & Events information
Conference sites
Archiving procedures

o MemberClicks implementation

o Listserv administration

o RSS Feed

o Professional Resources

o ARLIS Reviews Online

2. Print Publications:

o Art Documentation: Production and mailing
Option to receive PDF online

o Handbook/Directory: PDF version for downloading

o Occasional Papers

3. Communications and publications program finances:

o Marketing: Implementing approved plan

o Advertising: Identify new sources, incentives

o Sponsorship: Liaison with Development Committee

o RSS Feed

o Professional Resources

o ARLIS Reviews Online