Dear membership,

The Artist Files Working Group is scheduled to meet on Saturday, May 3, 5-6pm in the Mt. Elbert Conference Room. Below is the agenda for the meeting.

For those interested in this specific project or artist files in general, we welcome your participation. For more background on our activities, please see the minutes of our last meeting in Atlanta:


Jon Evans
Artist Files Working Group Meeting Agenda

Denver 2008

Saturday, May 3, 5:00-6:00 PM

Mt. Elbert Conference Room
I. Welcome & Introductions – Jon Evans

II. Overview of progress since last meeting – Jon Evans, Sally McKay and Barbara Rominski

III. Best practices documents update – Jon Evans

IV. Directory update and presentation – Sally McKay and Barbara Rominski

V. Marketing plan – Kraig Binkowski

VI. Goals for the coming year – Jon Evans

VII. Other business

VIII. Adjourn