Book Arts Roundtable meeting May 4, 2008, Denver, Colorado

*Meeting to start at 5:30 p.m., Mt. Wilson room, Grand Hyatt

I. General Introductions

Outgoing moderator: Tony White (Indiana University)

Incoming moderator: Yuki Hibben (Virginia Commonwealth University)

II. Announcements College Book Art Association (CBAA)

CBAA Conference – January 2009 (call for papers: deadline June 1)

NY Art Book Fair

Contemporary Artist’s Books Conference (NYC)


III. Transition from Roundtable to Discussion Group

What next?

Should the group continue?

What is the role of the Moderator?

IV. Nominations Nominate moderator-elect/discussion group leader

V. New Business/Discussions


Open to the floor

Tony White Moderator, Book Arts Roundtable