Denver isn’t actually in the Rocky Mountains, but sits east of them on the plains. Still, at 5280 feet, our weather can be a little, well, rocky. Today, for example, we should see a temperature of about 80 degrees. Tomorrow, a little cooler. Thursday, we’re looking at a high in the 40s with rain and possibly even a little snow. So, as much as we tried to schedule perfect weather for your visit to Denver, we are now encouraging you to bring warm clothing and umbrellas. For updates on weather, check or

Even though it may be damp for the first part of your visit, we encourage those of you who are visiting from lower altitudes to stay hydrated. If you’re not used to it, the altitude can make you feel weak, dizzy or headachy. Your best defense is to drink plenty of fluids and not push yourself-we’ll give you a bottle of water at the registration desk as a reminder. And, even though it may be cloudy at times, sun block is never a bad idea at higher altitudes.

One last caveat not related to weather or altitude at all: there are two Hyatt hotels in downtown Denver. The Grand Hyatt is the conference hotel; the Hyatt Regency is a few blocks away at the Convention Center. So, make sure you get to the correct Hyatt so you won’t miss any of the action!

Tom Riedel
Local Arrangements Co-chair