Mountain West organized conference: ARLIS/MW was established in 1996 by librarians from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Prior to 1996, the chapter was the “ARLIS/Arizona Chapter”, established in 1978. So this conference is not just a Denver First, but a Mountain West First!!

We as a chapter have thrown ourselves into providing a learning experience that is also enjoyable. We have tried to consider things big and small — from water in your registration pack to that big D.A.M. party! Individuals in the chapter and beyond the chapter have contributed unique touches to enhance the conference experience. You will find an ARLIS Membership table in the exhibits, and job postings in the hospitality area. Throughout you will see the unique conference logo designed by a student at the Art Institute of Colorado as part of a contest sponsored by Mountain West chapter. (See the virtual poster session about the contest here on the conference blog).

We look forward to seeing you in Denver! You are why we did it!

*This posting on behalf of the Denver co-chairs (Peggy Keeran and Tom Riedel for Local Arrangements and Jeanne Brown and Mary Graham for Program) and the entire Conference Planning Advisory Committee whose brainstorms resulted in many of the approaches we are calling Denver Firsts!