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Dear Colleagues,

When you’re packing for Denver, please consider bringing along a printed version of any current job postings for your institution. The annual conference is a wonderful time for networking, and there will be many students, new professionals, and “professionals seeking a change” who would be interested in any opportunities you might know of.

If your suitcase is too full, email your postings to me at, and let me know that you’d like ArLiSNAP to post your job on the conference message board. We’ll also circulate a copy of the postings at the ArLiSNAP meeting. As the group for Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals, we’re happy to help you find a great applicant for your great job! While you’re at it, consider going the extra mile and adding your contact information in Denver to the job posting. By doing so, you can invite other conference goers to chat over coffee (or a glass of wine!) and have an informational discussion about current job postings at your institution. You just might connect with your ideal candidate!

See you in Denver!

Rebecca Cooper & Megan Macken
ArLiSNAP Co-moderators