Physical Poster Guidelines

 The 2008 conference is on the horizon and we wanted to touch base with you to provide you with some information for your poster sessions.

Easels will be provided that can hold posters up to 24” x 48” in size.  If you have any handouts for the attendees, it is recommended that you bring copies of them, as the copy services at the conference hotel are expensive.

 Your poster should contain the following:

  • Your Information:  Your name(s) and institution(s) should be clearly listed on the poster.  You can put your contact information in any handouts you chose to bring.
  • Title:  Your poster should have a title, typically, it would be the same as your research, paper, project, or initiative.
  • Summary:  Include a brief summary or short introduction to your research or project.  If you’ve already had it published, you could use your abstract.
  • Methodology:  Include the necessary information on how you planned and completed your project or research.  Since you’ll have limited space on your board, you will have to omit many details.  However, you can further discuss your process when attendees stop by your board.
  • Findings:  Your findings or results should be summarized, along with the high points as to why they are important to the field.
  • Illustrations:  These are the most important part of your poster, and will attract the most attention.  Forego tables and use colorful charts or graphs instead.  Explanatory illustrations should be substituted for text whenever possible.
  • References:  Include a bibliography of all sources used on your poster, but not your research.  You could include an extensive source listing in your handouts.
  • Availability Online:  If you have a virtual poster as well, include the URL.  Feel free to include other URLs if additional information about your research or project is available online.
Other Items to Bring

 Other items to consider bringing to the poster session include business cards, handouts (optional), or copies of your research/paper/project summary.  If you plan to send additional information to interested parties, bring a sign up sheet.

Helpful Hints 

The Colorado State University Writing Studio has a fantastic site on posters, with a plethora of helpful hints and suggestions.  Check it out at:

Last-Minute Help in Denver

There is an Office Depot ½ mile from the Grand Hyatt Denver:

            1350 16th Street
            Denver, CO 80202
(303) 571-0730

Additionally, there is a FedEx Kinko’s around the corner from the Grand Hyatt Denver; it is open 24 hours: 

            555 17th Street, Ste 190

            Denver, CO 80202

            (303) 298-8610