Presenter: Jenna Rinalducci, Reference Librarian, Savannah College of Art and Design,

Description: The project began with in-person instruction for the college course Color Theory.This course attracts students from across disciplines online and on campus.

Students are introduced to library resources and research strategies. Drawing from the instruction and the research guide, I adapted this approach using Web2.0 technologies. The instruction was expanded to reinforce key lessons and to reach students not coming into the library. The expanded presentation was then uploaded to Slideshare and Flickr. Recommended websites were posted to the social bookmarking site These resources were selected for their popularity and usability, and multiple resources allow for greater access. In turn, information was shared with a larger community.

Teaching studio classes requires a different approach from traditional lecture classes. To meet students’ needs, I incorporated visual imagery and text. This approach integrates ideas from visual literacy, as well as a more traditional assessment of information literacy skills.


What’s Hot & What’s Not: Trends in Technologies and Services in Libraries

Web2.0 for Color Theory Blog

PowerPoint Presentation for Project color-theory_rinalducci_arlis-virtual-poster

Flickr Presentation 

Slideshare Presentation Websites